Microsoft Windows Security Center Compatibility

microsoft-80660_640Microsoft recently updated some of their default Windows Security settings, particularly in regards to Ransomware Protection, that may interfere with legitimate software like Fluency Now. 

This guide will walk you through how to allow Fluency Now to run un-interrupted by the new security settings (if applicable).

If you’re experiencing issues with Fluency Now being able to save files or setting changes, please try the following to correct the issue.

First, search for ‘Windows Security’ in your system search field. When it appears in the search results, click it to open it up in a new window.

Search For 'Windows Security'

When the Windows Security window opens, click the Virus & Threat Protection option in the menu bar on the left.

Scroll down until you see a section labeled Ransomware Protection. This is probably enabled, if you’re experiencing the issue listed.

Below the On button, you should see a Block History option; click on that.

Virus and Threat Protection_Ransomware Protection

Upon clicking Block History, you will be taken to a new window for Protection History.

This will have a list of all instances of programs or other items that Windows has blocked; Fluency Now should be listed here.

Click the down arrow to expand information about the entries until you find the one for Fluency Now.  Once you locate it, click the Actions drop-down menu and select the Allow on Device option.

03_Block History_Locate Fluency Now_Allow on Device.png

Once you’ve located and allowed Fluency Now through the Windows Ransomware Protection settings, open Fluency Now again and see if the issue has been resolved.

For additional information or assistance with Fluency Now, please contact us at:

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