Where Did Language Come From?

Question-Guy-300pxLanguage is something so incredibly natural to us that often times we forget to ask how it started. I mean, it wasn’t as if humans always had language, at least not according to scientists. And like our closest relatives, chimpanzees or bonobos, we were once speechless; subject to grunts and heavy vocal tones.

While it may seem strange, since we use verbal languages every day, we haven’t completely negated heavy tones, nor have we gotten rid of grunts. Clearly we still work mostly with our bodies, using speech as just a small portion of our communicative tools as compared to tone or body language, yet speech has become part of our lives, as if it had always been there, like body language or tone.

So, what does this mean for us humans? Why are we subjected to forgetting to ask the question how we came to be? Why are we almost unnerved to explain why we speak or how our languages came to be? Continue reading Where Did Language Come From?


Where the Word “Frappuccino” Came From

14270126388_df57e6ac27_bOver the years we, as a global society, come up with some strange and interesting words to describe our moods, foods, and more. Words, like all of language, come and go with the times, while others stick around from generation to generation.

One word that’s risen to prominence recently, having become a daily part of our lives, is ‘Frappuccino’. Continue reading Where the Word “Frappuccino” Came From

Professional Translation Software for just $6.95 per month.

shutterstock_162664115Navigating the world of translation software can be time consuming and confusing. Luckily, things just got a lot easier (and more affordable).

Whether you’ve been using professional translation software for years, or you’re trying it out for the first time, you’ll find that it can help you translate faster and more efficiently than ever before.

To start working with professional translation software for just $6.95 per month*, follow the three easy steps below:  Continue reading Professional Translation Software for just $6.95 per month.

What Can Language Barriers Do to a Child’s Brain?

upset-534103_960_720Language barriers not only affect a child’s well-being when it comes to interacting with peers, but it can also have detrimental effects on both their health and their academic success.

Students, both young and old, have more of an opportunity than ever to attend schools that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them, like those in a different province, state or country.

While domestic schools are much easier to navigate in regards to language, there can still be certain language barriers; and where there’s a language barrier, there’s also a possibility of failure. Continue reading What Can Language Barriers Do to a Child’s Brain?