Fluency Flow: Getting Started (Part 2) – Workflow Settings

Fluency_Flow_flag_500x500Follow this guide to learn more about adjusting the workflow settings to accommodate your business organization.

The workflow settings allow you to create workflow steps and full service workflows for your clients to choose from. 

You'll learn how to create workflow steps, and how to then turn those into full service packages you can offer to your clients.

First, move your mouse over the Administration menu, then click on Business Settings.

Workflow Settings

Workflow Steps

WF Steps

New Step: In this section, you’ll need to create workflow steps that are relevant to your business organization. Workflow steps coincide with the services that you are able to offer your clients (e.g., translation, proofreading, etc).

Workflow: This is a list of the workflow steps that you’ve created. New steps will appear here; you can also remove any unnecessary steps here by clicking the step you’d like to delete, then click the Remove button.



This section will allow you to create full workflow service packages that you’d like to offer to clients.

New Workflow Name: This field allows you to create new workflows; Simply type in the name of a new workflow you’d like to create. A workflow could be one workflow step (just translation, for example), or multiple steps (for example, translation & proofreading).

Select Workflow Step: Select the step(s) that you’d like to add to the workflow (Ctrl + Click to select multiple steps).

Charge/bid Step to Client: When this is enabled, the project and margin totals will be calculated, with the appropriate amount displayed for the client.

Step Price Modified by TM Percentages: When this is enabled, the workflow pricing can be modified based on TM match percentages. *This will be discussed more in Getting Started (Part 3) – Pricing Settings*

Step Charged By: This allows you to select the unit type that you’ll use for pricing. This allows you to charge by the word, character, line, etc.

Once you’ve assigned the appropriate field, click the Add step(s) to workflow button. Once the page refreshes, click Submit. Repeat these steps for as many workflows as you’d like to offer to your clients.

Select Existing Workflow: If you’d like to modify an existing workflow, select it from the drop-down list, then make the necessary changes and click Submit.

Once you’ve completed these steps, please move on to Getting Started (Part 3) – Pricing Settings.


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