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Origin of To Kill Two Birds With One Stone

4483901415_021a1b7636_zTo kill two birds with one stone—seems pretty violent, huh? A lot of idioms in the English may not make sense or seem down right brutal. Some of the meanings are quite easy to understand, while others leave nonnative speakers in the dark. But even if a particular idiom makes sense in regards to what it’s portraying, its origin still may be lost to time.

So, to kill two birds with one stone? The meaning: “to get two different jobs done at one time” may make sense, but why in the world would we do something so brutal? Continue reading Origin of To Kill Two Birds With One Stone


Is Language Inherited?

DNA_methylationAs with any human trait, language evolves and changes to fit the particular person or their current setting. This can be true with body language, hair growth and style, as well as facial expressions and morals. But not everything given can be inherited.

Styles are made, whereas hair growth is chosen by genetics; the same goes for language. Particular words may not be passed down via genetics, but rather used for a particular time and setting; understanding a language, however, may be based on genetics. Continue reading Is Language Inherited?

Why Do Twins Make Up Their Own Language?


Twins are notoriously know for self-made languages.

But why can they occur?

Researches have uncovered what most, if not all twin languages are concocted from.

Twins rely heavily on one another for communication, but if one is slow going at the process of communication what is to say the other won’t pick up on these strange words? This is due to phonological delays between children.

Unfortunately, if one twin is developing words at a quicker rate than the other, the child could be pulled backward in regards to speech because of the new found words the other tried to say. Continue reading Why Do Twins Make Up Their Own Language?

Why Should Body Language Matter?

download (1)Language; it’s everywhere right? We speak, listen, and comprehend the spoken word, but verbal language is not the only of communication that humans have to work with. In fact, according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, more than 55% of what we actually say is in an entirely different type of language; body language.

All too often something can be expressed between two people that is completely different from the words that are actually said. Hatred may boil between two people, and angry body language will only harden that hate. On the contrary, two individuals could gain more attraction to each other just by using body language on its own. Continue reading Why Should Body Language Matter?

Is Learning a New Language Harder When Older?

Old CoupleFor years, scientists have claimed that learning a language is much easier, and much more possible as a child. Not only does the child have the need to communicate, but the brain is still ‘spongy’ enough to actually soak up whatever it’s given.

This left older individuals, ones who would love to learn a language, forever stuck with what they had. Continue reading Is Learning a New Language Harder When Older?