Where the Word “Frappuccino” Came From

14270126388_df57e6ac27_bOver the years we, as a global society, come up with some strange and interesting words to describe our moods, foods, and more. Words, like all of language, come and go with the times, while others stick around from generation to generation.

One word that’s risen to prominence recently, having become a daily part of our lives, is ‘Frappuccino’.While Starbucks uses the word ‘Frappuccino’, the actual word derived from Boston, Massachusetts, where it was actually trademarked. Quite literally the Frappuccino is a Frappe = frothed milk and ccino = cappuccino.

Throughout the Boston area, ‘Frappuccino’ was shortened to ‘Frappe’ (pronounced ‘frap’) as a term for a thick milkshake with ice cream, coming from the French word frappé.

So, how did it suddenly make its way all the way to Seattle and settle into the Starbucks community? It was as simple as a purchase.

Starbucks bought the trademark and began selling a drink similar to an ice cream milkshake, but with their world famous coffee as the base ingredient. Throw in some flavoring and cream, blend it up and top it with whip and you’ve got the ‘Frappuccino’ that we all know and love!



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