AI is the New Language Learner

AIAdvancing AI technology can be intimidating. From the AI worm project, to something as simple as Google understanding, or at least *recognizing*, the words you speak from your phone, AI is much further along than it was just ten years ago, and it’s only going to continue getting better.

Recently, the AI startup MetaMind began building towards a better understanding of natural language to AI. With the help of further advancing resources in AI language learning, MetaMind can create better and more efficient AI communication with search engines.

MetaMind offers business and individuals the chance to help enhance AI development. Since MetaMind is separately owned from Google and Facebook there’s more ways to bend and create, according to Sven Strohband, MetaMind board Member.

“They’re doing some amazing work – Google and Microsoft and Facebook and so on – and their work is impacting a lot of people,” said Richard Socher, founder and CEO, in an interview with Wired. “But I felt like there’s a lot more potential if you give those tools to the remaining Fortune 500 companies-or to people on the internet, just to let them play with them on their own.”

The idea is that MetaMind can go further than the current search machine. According to Socher, MetaMind could be describe as something as simple as a web search, provided the person using MetaMind gives the answer rather than “a bunch of links.”

To check out MetaMind, click here <>.

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