Koko The Gorilla Speaks to Humanity

Made for the 2015 COP21 deal, Koko the gorilla, asked humanity to protect the Earth on video.

Koko  is a 44-year-old gorilla who speaks a conglomerate of sign languages. The conglomerate of sign languages is said to help Koko speak where she wouldn’t be able to due to certain signs needing higher motor skills than what Koko has.

In response to the COP21 debate, Koko said, “Man Koko love. Earth Koko love, but man stupid. Fix Earth! Help Earth!”

The COP21 deal or also commonly referred to as the Paris Deal, voted to adopt agreements over climate change for both developed and developing countries.

Just shy of 200, 196 nations signed onto the COP21 to adopt climate change agreements.

To watch the full video of Koko speaking, check out the video below.








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