Save Yourself From a Bad Meeting

busBeing a translator or interpreter means there’s a lot of fluidity in your work, especially when working on your own, but as you and I both know, there are also translators and interpreters that work within a company or organization.

Who knows, maybe you’re one of them.

While the work schedule isn’t nearly as flexible as when you’re working on your own, the job security can’t be beat. But working for someone else probably means a lot of meetings, right?

Meetings aren’t necessarily bad, but some can be. What do you do with a meeting that wasted two hours of your time for hardly any purpose at all?

In a TED Talk presentation, David Grady, an Information Security Manager, spoke on

what he thought was destroying the working man and woman: bad meetings.

“Every day we allow our coworkers to steal from us,” Grady said. “I’m talking about time. Your time. I believe we are in a middle of a global epidemic known as MAS.”

MAS or Mindless Acceptance Syndrome, is the inability to stop accepting each meeting that pops up on your calendar. MAS is a common illness in cooperation, said Grady.

According to Grady, no matter what type of meeting is recorded on the calendar, be it without any sort of description or topic, workers will accept these invitations just because they’re there.

For Grady, there was a solution humorously called No MAS! Don’t accept going to meetings that waste time, he explained.

“You CAN click on the tentative [or maybe] button.” Grady said. “That’s why it’s there.”

“Contact the person”, he said. By just contacting the person and asking directly what the meetings going to be about and if the person needs help could cut bad meetings out of your life forever, or at least most of the time.

He ended with, “People might change their behavior, if you change yours.”

What he didn’t cover, however, was whether or not this same technique could be used on an authority figure in the office.

For me, I’d rather be on the good side of my boss and go to his or her terrible meetings. Coworkers, not so much.

Sure, it’s probably impossible to not accept a meeting invitation from your boss, but you could still use the same tactics. Ask what the meeting will be on and if there’s anything you can do to help.

Maybe you can’t say “no” to your boss’ meeting, but you can try to make it better.



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