Welsh Television Becoming International

S4C_logo_2014.svgWelsh programs will be made available internationally through the Channel S4C for “viewers to watch on demand while abroad.”

This could prove to be a great way to preserve the Welsh language while presenting it to those never exposed to it, or those who desire a better understanding of it. Programs will be available on demand for 35 days, most with English subtitles available.

Elin Morris, S4C’s corporate and commerical director told UK’s cable that the company was “very proud” for the opportunity to offer programs to international viewers on S4C’s online on demand service.

“We’re very aware of the demand by viewers across the globe to see our content” Morris said. “and we will do our very best to meet that demand where possible.”

While copyright restraints prevent the company from releasing all programs internationally. The company is hoping after a 6 pilot period of the service, new ways will allow even more shows internationally. While the company is optimistic, there was a 6 percent reduction in weekly views, according to S4C’s annual report this year. However, also in that report, there was an increase by 10 percent of the total number of weekly viewers.

More people viewing for less time. So what? By having more opportunities to expose the company, despite how little viewers may watch their TV, it gives the company an increased chance to actually succeed in this endeavor.

“We will co-operate with rights holders to seek out new ways to allow us to show as many programmes as possible internationally, not only during the pilot period but as we develop the service in the long-term.”

Like the Welsh translation app, this gives a chance for the Welsh language to grow and survive. Sure, less than 20 percent of people in Wales know Welsh, but maybe with this immersion it will at least become more popular abroad and in turn create more popularity in Wales.


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