Communication Between the Visual and Hearing Impaired

image1Sign language is just like any other language, in the sense that it’s a tool to communicate from person to person.

The hearing disabled have a way to communicate with the hearing through various gestures and signs, but what of the blind? How can they take part in each other’s existence?

It’s true that the pair could find some way of interaction if they really tried, but not until technologies like the one, Designer Hadeel Ayoub​, a Goldsmiths, University of London student, created, could real and easy communication take place. 

Ayoub created a glove that can transfer sign language into speech. The glove works by having the wearer sign, the gestures are then recorded and the intended speech is then translated out.

The current glove, which Ayoub used as her final graduate project, is her third prototype. Ayoub hopes to make further prototypes in order to work with smaller children, around the age of four, and hopes to have it communicate through different languages.

In an interview she said, “I want it to be an everyday gadget, like an ear piece for people who can’t hear, as an extension of the body like any normal device.”

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