The Translation Norm

It’s not uncommon these days for translation to be part of man’s daily routine. Children and doctors alike switch on Google Translate, or various other free translation services on a regular basis. While this may be beneficial for a layman, it does pose a problem when trying to speak a new language.

Sure, learning a new language is fun and exciting, yet no one is exempt from trying to take a shortcut. Rather than pulling out a dictionary, or even a dictionary online, we ask Google instead. A word could become a sentence, and then the language learner could start using particular phrases or bits of information that are utterly wrong. Anyone privy to free translation software has seen the detrimental effects it can have on business or personal relationships.

Yet free translation is gaining traction, and in turn, is becoming more than it once was. With more and more real translators volunteering their time to help update services like Google Translate, words are starting to become more interconnected to other meanings and better phrasing.

Still using Google Translate as an example, we can see how far machine translation has come. The entire translation experience is smoother, but should still be used with caution. While there are many other free translation apps out there that are nowhere near as efficient, Google Translate should still be used sparingly.

The art of the translation process is still a marvel, even in today’s society. What any human being could hope for is universal understanding and communication. Both translators and interpreters open these pathways, and no free translation app will take that away anytime soon.



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