Sign Language and The Dance of an Interpreter

Distribution-svA popular pop singer played on a popular TV station in Sweden, but it wasn’t his dance moves or the singing that made that particular episode of the show an internet station. No, in fact it was the sign language interpreter, Tommy Krångh that brought so many views.

Dancing hilariously and without care, viewers have flocked over and over to the video and meme of the sign language interpreter.

One of the best things an interpreter can do for society is open the bridge of communication between people that would otherwise have no communication.

From a homeless man on the street, to a loving family member, communication is key to human survival. So, to make the interpretation captivating in such a way that even those that do not need the interpreter are enjoying what the interpreter had to offer.

What’s most surprising about the stunt is that the TV station wasn’t the direct influence of the Krångh‘s fame, rather it was a post on the popular social networking site Reddit.

In an interview with a Swedish newspaper on Krångh‘s recent fame he said, “It’s crazy and I’m very happy for all the nice words. I have really been love-bombed.”

It just goes to show a little love and crazy dancing can go a long way in both work and fame.

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