The Top 5 Differences between Fluency 2011/2013 and Fluency Now

Wondering what makes Fluency 2011/2013 and Fluency Now different? As with anything, updates are of the utmost importance when it comes to a great user experience. We want to see you succeed, which is why we’ve highlighted the best of our Fluency Now, and what makes it different.fluency now

1. Major Machine Translation Updates

We’ve made sure that major machine translation updates also come with support. Have you been frustrated with updates? Can’t understand things? These questions are where our support comes in. Fluency is known for its high quality customer support as well as our user-friendly access. We know you have needs, and want to ensure those needs are met not only with support, but also with great new features.

Fluency Now offers the ability to use multiple machine translation services at the same time, which are available in one convenient window that’s both quick and efficient. No more toggling between Machine Translation Engines in your preferences menu. The single window will speed up the translation process by minimizing confusion and increasing access to this particular part of our software.

2. Speed Enhancements and Easier to Use

Fluency Now is programmed to be neat and compact, while still offering all the best features you’ve come to love about the Fluency line of translation tools. The translation process becomes a breeze with the single window toggle and simple view. Best part? With so much condensed, it makes the program run smoother while still enabling you to do more.

3. Bolder Look and Design

Our look is bolder than ever before. We’ve made each window larger to provide better access to your translation work. Our design maintains a classic look, yet still revolutionary. Fluency Now is even more customizable and more user friendly than any other translation tool on the market.

4. MQM is here!

What is MQM? MQM, or Multidimensional Quality Metrics, is a framework for defining metrics and scorecards used to assess the quality of translated texts. Users will notice MQM adopts a “functionalist” approach during translations. This is especially popular when the desired affect is to encourage an appropriate communicative purpose from text.

Click here for more information:

5. Dynamic Web Resources

Our web resources are better than ever before. Have fun with browsing through Fluency Now. You can even enhance your searching with automatic searches of your selected topics. Our hope is to engage you more fully with our software while hardly needing to try!

*Dynamic websites must support dynamic URLs (parameterized queries).


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