Why Do Twins Make Up Their Own Language?


Twins are notoriously know for self-made languages.

But why can they occur?

Researches have uncovered what most, if not all twin languages are concocted from.

Twins rely heavily on one another for communication, but if one is slow going at the process of communication what is to say the other won’t pick up on these strange words? This is due to phonological delays between children.

Unfortunately, if one twin is developing words at a quicker rate than the other, the child could be pulled backward in regards to speech because of the new found words the other tried to say.

This isn’t to say twins don’t actually willingly decide to make up their own language, but odds are that the twins didn’t necessarily intend for a difference in language.

Premature births and low birth rate, can delay speech. More than half of twins are born prematurely, and delayed speech may result in a “twin” language.

Delayed speech can cause unfortunate speech problems later in life, but not all twin languages are the hint of a future speech problem. Actual twin languages do occur. It’s just the process of figuring out what is a problem and what’s not, is the challenge.


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