Why Should Body Language Matter?

download (1)Language; it’s everywhere right? We speak, listen, and comprehend the spoken word, but verbal language is not the only of communication that humans have to work with. In fact, according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, more than 55% of what we actually say is in an entirely different type of language; body language.

All too often something can be expressed between two people that is completely different from the words that are actually said. Hatred may boil between two people, and angry body language will only harden that hate. On the contrary, two individuals could gain more attraction to each other just by using body language on its own.

Body language is the oldest form of communication. Without words, how would humans understand one another? How would humans socialize and work together?

Sure, body language is old.  These days, with communication through oral languages the norm, why does body language still matter as much as did centuries ago?

Body language is, first and foremost, extremely difficult to change since it’s ingrained so deeply into who we are as humans on a fundamental level. It can help you express your thoughts, and to understand the thoughts of others. Body language can exude confidence, and also awkwardness, which is why it is the key to succeeding in interviews or on dates. It is, in fact, one of the major aspects of our survival all these years. Body language is even important in the in our field, particularly for interpreters.

Listed below are just a few examples of body language, and how we can improve it.

images1. Blinking

This is an extraordinary step in understanding whether the person nearby is nervous or calm. Eyes blink at a rate of about 6-8 times a minute. In stressful situations, this changes. Blinking grows rapidly, as a response to the fight or flight mechanisms in each one of our bodies.


2. Shifting 

Are you a bit shifty? Shifting the body back and forth can show a sign of distress or anxiety. Why would this lead to shifting back and forth? It could be due to constant shifting of thoughts in the mind. If you have enough adrenaline running through your veins due to anxiety, it will be shown by your body being unable to sit still.

3. Hidden Handsshadow-of-person-standing-leg-cross-by-Ara

Those who tend to hide hands in their pockets, or away from view of others can be perceived as one who has something to hide. Despite how convincing the person may be, the hands are unable to join in on the deceit. Rather than embrace what happens, the hands hide from view of those being deceived.

These three just scratch the surface of what can be found on body language. Humans are meant to communicate, rather than stopping at the words, be sure to understand the underlying meaning being addressed. This can help both with relationships and upcoming interviews.


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