Introducing Fluency Backup 2.0!

On Monday, we released the newest version of our groundbreaking translation software, Fluency Now, as well as a brand new version of Fluency Backup. Not only does this make available all of Fluency’s best features, but you don’t even have to be a Fluency subscriber to enjoy some of them.Splashbackup

Fluency Backup offers 2 GB of free storage to anyone that wants it. We also offer a basic 50 GB option, which allows you to store up to 50 GB of information per computer on two computers. Pretty cool right?

What if you’re a power user and need more than 50 GB of storage space for each computer? We also offer plans of 250 GB or even 500 GB of storage. Again, that’s 250 GB or 500 GB per computer. The second computer is on us. Which means, you may pay for 250 GB, but you really get 500 GB. When you pay for the 500 GB plan, you’re really getting a whopping 1 TB of storage space!

That means that the 2 GB option I mentioned earlier is actually 4 GB when you count the second computer, all for the low, low price of FREE.

When paying for Fluency Now, you will be getting software that’s constantly updated and relevant; Fluency Backup can be used in conjunction with it, or completely independent of it.

Over the years, we’ve received countless calls and emails concerning crashed computers. Files are lost. Data is irretrievable. Work, countless hours of work has lost itself in space and time. Since any number of things can cause your computer to reset or crash, file backup services, like Fluency Backup, are crucial in preserving your previous work.

In order to simplify your experience in making sure your files are never lost, we give you Fluency Backup. So, no matter if you are working in Trados, WordFast or Fluency, you now have the option to use our backup system for a killer price.

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