Does Your Name Affect Your Personality?

Many of you might be thinking the answer is blatantly obvious, that yes, of course, names influence personalty, but does it really? Is it solely the name which you’ve been given that determines your personality, or is it the society that you grew up in?


Take, for instance, a very unique name mixed with a very unique girl; the name clearly embodies the girl’s personality. Anyone that meets her would not be surprised in the least that this name was given to this girl. That her personality mirrored the true aspects and uniqueness of her name.

What about a more common name for a more common boy? The boy goes throughout life not pushing too hard on both the law or society. He is normal and has a very normal name. His personality, like the unique girl’s, fits so perfectly with his name that it’s no wonder he has that common name.

Plus, when meeting a person, usually the name of the person fits that personality and appearance. The name truly embodies the person who possesses it.

But what about people with names that really don’t fit them physically or emotionally? If the idea of the name affecting the personality was true, why isn’t this sort of person also affected by their name?

When picking names, what’s the most important part of the process? The parents. This may seem a bit shallow, as the name is made for the child, but it’s true. A parent isn’t going to name their child something they consider “unattractive” or downright “unfit.”

Therefore, the parents are picking a name they find personally attractive. It not only embodies their ideology of a perfect child, but it fits their family.

Children grow up creating their personality, true, but parents have a huge impact on the person their child becomes. Because of this, the child may be similar to their parents and this causes the name of the person to fit “perfectly.” A unique mother picking a unique name for her child will more than likely create a unique girl, not because of the name but because the mother.

Of course, not all children end up like their parents. Wouldn’t this then explain the name not fitting the child? If the personality of both of the parents and child are extremely different, the name might not necessarily fit the child.

So, do names affect your personalty? Perhaps, but more than likely not. More than likely, it’s because of the family, not the name, that helps create the personality of the child.


2 thoughts on “Does Your Name Affect Your Personality?”

  1. So true! My parents ideology was of the child who fitted in neatly and quietly and did what she was told! I’m not even sure if they actually liked my name or whether they just needed to tidy me away!

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