Birthday Traditions in Different Cultures

Ever wonder what life would be like to celebrate your birthday in a different culture? Here are just three examples of some fun traditions to take up!


1. Malaysia

Birthdays are a time of giving and getting together with family and friends for food. Thy also may sing or play musical instruments together to emphasis the importance of the celebration.

Guests are expected to bring presents to the birthday child. If no present is available, the person will offer “ang-boa,” which is a small red packet filled with money.

2. Ecuador

Your birthday is full of wishes and celebrations, but in Ecuador your more likely to enjoy this sort of fulfillment on the birthday of the saint your name after.

Parties are pretty mellow with afternoon tea on the child’s Saint’s day. Raisin cake, tea cookies and hot chocolate are also served during afternoon tea.

3. Russia

Want flowers, pencils, books? Teachers often give very functional gifts to their students. Other children in the class might give the birthday child handmade gifts.

Not only are Russian practices slightly similar to other Western countries, when serving out cake, the birthday child will be given the first piece of cake or pie.

There you have it! I’ll make sure to post more on birthdays soon!

Happy (not)birthday!


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