Google — A Translation Voice?

A lot of companies are scrambling to get a piece of the translation/interpretation action. Already,  we’ve delved into the whole story on Skype’s new translation service, but what about Google’s?


Google, like many other unpaid translation services, is usually the butt of many jokes since translations don’t always come out as desired. However, Google is doing what it can to stay on top as one of the free translation services.

An example of this is Google Translate’s offer for live translation. Google plans to take real time conversations and translate them.

The process takes by simply speaking into the computer’s microphone.  When opened, it will recognize the language currently spoken, and start to translate it. Another cool feature to accompany the live translate is the ability to read road signs in real time.

Google Translate live translation is currently only available with the most popular languages; this is expected to change as time passes.

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