What Not To Do in an Interview

We’ve all been here: the job search. With the right application, background, and experience you may get an interview. But if you get an interview are you sure you’re doing everything right? Speaking to potential employers can be nerve-racking, so here I’ve compiled a list of things NOT to do in an interview.

1. Don’t Be Unprepared

Ever gone into a interview and didn’t have the slightest idea what business was interviewing you? Sure, maybe the prospect of a new job blinds you from potential information, but you need to be prepared. If the interviewer asked you something about the company how would you reply?

Besides, how would you feel working for a company that treated workers badly, or went against your moral code? Even if you managed to succeed the interview with little to no information, how would you feel falling into a situation that would cause you to look into another job, and start the interview process all over again?

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2. Don’t Speak ill of Your Employer

True, ranting about things you hate can lift a little more of that stress piled up on your back, but is it wise to do it to another potential employer? How does this potential employer know you won’t speak ill of them when it comes to getting another job? Think and listen before you speak, this may prove beneficial in all aspects of life.

3. Don’t Dress Inappropriately

This may come as no surprise, but the outfit you wear helps others identify who or what you are. Stereotypes are no fun, but with so much information thrown at us so often, humans have to pile things in specific categories. So, dress smart. Dress for the job you’re applying for. Business dress for business interviews, business casual for more casual interviews. Again, this means that you’ll have to dig up all the information on your employer prior to the interview.


4. Don’t Rely on Your Application

The application gives just an idea of who you really are to the employer. One of the best things about an interview is getting the opportunity to express yourself in a way that a piece of paper (or two) couldn’t. Show your personalty, not just your achievements. You have to be a good fit emotionally as well skillfully.

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5. Cliches? No Way. 

Cliche’s don’t really express the idea of yourself. Sure, maybe they’re great shortcuts to the deeper part of your personalty, but this isn’t how employers see it. Employers see it as a mundane, non-creative way to express yourself. Stick out from the crowd. Use your own way to express yourself.



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