Twelve Language-related Events To Do in The New Year


There will always be a TON of activities and events to do in the new year, but I just grabbed one for each month.


Sick of overly professional conferences? This conference makes it easy by being casual and unconcerned with having presenters and speakers. The idea of this conference is for your voice to be heard.

The conference will take place from the 29-31 of the month in Carmel, California, USA.


Want more Localization in your life? The Localization World is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management, according to their website.

This is happening February 24-26 in Bangkok, Thailand.


The Gala Language of Business conference is open, with a collaborative atmosphere. All members are welcome.

This happens from March 17-20 in Miami, Florida, USA.


Not only will this be the second time the Sixth Language Creation Conference is in Europe, but it can be streamed online for anyone unable to attend.

The event takes place from April 25-26 in Horsham, UK.


A great conference for those wishing to try a different side of Europe.

This is the EAMT conference. This takes place in Antalya, Turkey from 18-19.


The NLDB conference aims for applications of Natural Language in the Database and Information Systems field to bring researchers, industrials and potential users together.

This happens from the 3-5 in Berlin, Germany.


The 2015 KATE International Conference will be held in South Korea from the 3-4.


According to the site, “this conference seeks to nurture the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience, and to promote collaboration between scholars, language experts, editors, educators, translators, writers, publishers, and students at the international level.”

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is January 31.

This event is happening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the 25-27.


TCUK conference will be held in Brighton, UK.

This conference is meant to bring together technical communicators, editors, illustrators and leading product vendors for three days.

Not enough information is set up for the 2015 conference yet. Make sure to keep updated with their website.


If you managed to miss the other Localization World Conference, here’s your chance to try and make it!

This happens between the 14-16 in Santa Clara, California, USA.


This is done annually, and is the largest global event and market place for technical communication.

This is event is happening from the 10-12 in Stuttgart, Germany.


The Translation in Exile is an international conference meant for bringing together scholars from every different discipline.

This event happens at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel from the 10-11.


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