2 Reasons To Have a New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions are good, but do we really keep them? Sure, the first few weeks are golden, but what happens around February? Valentines day doesn’t help the loveless or the ones trying to curb their weight problem, what with all the chocolates and candies.download (6)

New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep. Are they even worth trying for?

Here are just two reasons to keep trying.

1. Gives You Hope

Maybe it isn’t your resolution that is working, but someone else’s. What if that other resolution has really worked out? This gives you hope that yours might work, or one that you might do would work. With enough mind set on changing yourself, anything is possible.

2. Encourages a Better Living

As Humans, we should always try to strive for a better life, but we don’t always have the “push” we need. The new year gives us that push. Sure, maybe every year you make the same resolution and it doesn’t work out. At least for those few weeks or months that you’ve been doing your resolution have been about helping you change.

So is this enough to start a New Year’s resolution? Maybe, maybe not but by considering this you may be helping yourself later in life. Anytime a resolution, be it for the New Year or not, is made it encourages a better life for both yourself, and those around you.

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