How To Say You Hate (Love) Snow In 7 Different Languages


Schnee, nieve, neve, neige, snow — every language has a word for it.

But what is snow?

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, snow is a precipitation in the form of ice crystals. We gain ice crystals by the decrease of temperature by way of seasons and the distance Earth is to the sun.

Istas, Sneachda, eira, snow — Have I left out your favorite language?

Love snow? Hate snow? Below are a few ways to say what you feel in a language of your choosing.

1. Afrikaans

I hate snow – Ek haat die sneeu

I love snow – Ek is mal sneeu

2. Basque

I hate snow – Elur gorroto dut

I love snow – Maite dut elurra

3. Catalan

I hate snow – Odi neu

I love snow – M’encanta la neu

4. Danish

I hate snow – Jeg hader sne

I love snow – Jeg elsker sne

5. Estonian

I hate snow – Ma vihkan lumi

I love snow – Ma armastan lumi

6. Filipino

I hate snow – Ayaw mo ako niyebe

I love snow –¬†Gustung-gusto ko snow

7. German

I hate snow – Ich hasse schnee

I love snow – Ich mag schnee


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