Skype as an Interpreter?

If you’ve been around the business world for more than an hour or two, you’ve probably heard of Skype.

So what is Skype exactly?


Skype is simple; it’s a platform for communication between two or more parties through an account you create with them. Unlike other over-web instant messengers, Skype is known for its voice and video calls. Lately, all the rage concerning Skype has been over the change in chat abilities.

Skype user can now chat with almost anyone in the world and be anywhere. Chatting overseas or in country without using minutes has been one of the biggest problems a traveler faces. With Skype’s new chat availability, anyone can chat with anyone. All that’s needed? Wi-Fi.

Until now, this was the best thing to happen with Skype. That is, of course, until Skype built in an interpretation method. Just like any interpreter, you simply speak while in the call and the language is interpreted. In order to use the language interpreter on Skype, just set up a voice or video call, then start talking. The interpreter will speak over your voice so the receiver can understand you. This feature is currently limited to English and Spanish, but Skype assures us that “more languages are coming soon.”

On one hand, this is fantastic news on breaking the language barrier. On the other, Skype Translator might not be as well built as hoped. At a conference, Skype Translator tested the device between German and English, one audience member wasn’t impressed. Instead he said, “The translation was good enough for vacation, but not for business.”

For more information about this revolutionary new technology, check out their website at


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