Is Technology Taking Future Jobs away?

Many, like Bill Gates, stress the implications technology and robots may have on the job market in the next 20 years or so. Places most at risk are telemarketers with a 99% chance, following that is accountants and auditors at 94% chance.

A full list can be seen here: 

It’s true, technology is and has gotten rid of jobs, but so many more are taking their place. Technology forces people into jobs that they may have otherwise never thought feasible in the past. An example of this is programming. Programming has been around for a very long time. Not until robotics stole jobs and made the electronic industry look so cool did it become a more popular option for men and women.

Though, the prospect of losing a job IS scary. With enough heart and attitude, jobs that require creativity and humanization will be hard-pressed to succumb to robotics.

Customers like human made products. Robots are fun and cheap, but sometimes it’s the matter of quality or quantity. People appreciate quality. What brings the most impact and novelty is the simple quality made by the human mind. Don’t be afraid of what is yet to come. It’s like the Y2K. So many were scared and yet nothing horrible happened. Things may change, but change should be welcomed. Not feared.



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