Is A Translation App Right For You?

Free translation apps are more prevalent than ever. Think about it: apps are made available on your phone after purchasing or easily accessible in the app store. Even on the older model LG G2 a quick translation app is made available. 


Aside from being a portable application for the phone, these translation apps offer a “point and shoot” idea where one may find a foreign word, open the translation app and take a picture. The app then decodes the picture and explains the meaning of it.

This is especially important for travelers in foreign language countries. The traveler may have learned important words and phrases in the language, but in a short time it’s impossible for the traveler to learn all of the language. This is where the translation app comes in handy. It’s easily accessible and quick to answer. 

Of course, the free translation apps can only go so far. When dealing with more than a sentence the translation may be skewed and be hard to read. It’s in this idea that paid translation software is important. The only problem is that may not be as accessible as their free translation app cousins.

What it comes down to is the need for the user. Does the user need high performance CAT tools and TM? Or does this user just need to read the construction sign in front of them? 

Things are given up on both sides, but with paid translation software, like Fluency Translation, it’s the performance and ease of the software rather than quickly accessible words. Fluency Translation, is perfect for translators and interpreters alike, but it may not be perfect for that lone traveler hiking in the Alps. 

Figure out what you need, and make the right choice. Performance software and apps are designated for a happy translator lifestyle. 

And maybe you already have that happy lifestyle. Maybe that app would just be a perk. If so, then expand your knowledge and learn more about the languages you haven’t already studied or know!


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