5 Ways Changing a Language May Be Changing Your Personality


A personality change can happen anytime in a person’s lifetime, no foreign language required. However, a foreign language can speed up the personality change process in a matter of months. Why? It boils down to a few possible ideas. Check out the ideas listed below.

1. Culture Changes Language-

Just like when you modify your speech when speaking between friends of officials, your language changes. This process is similar to what happens between changing languages.

Humans are empathetic creatures, whether we know it or not. We want to be accepted, and what better way than to alter our speech? This is especially prevalent in different languages, as each language has their own culture.

2. Attitude Changes Language-

What your attitude says about the language you speak is told through your words. This can be both a good and a bad thing. If your love of the Spanish language is more pronounced than your love of English, the words in which you speak may be more positive than if the words were spoken in English.

French is the language of love, or so they say. With this attitude, you may be more at risk for speaking words associated with love. You may even change your body language while speaking.

3. Need Changes Language-

Are you more inclined to buy something in a particular language or have you noticed more of your work is completed in a particular language just because it’s more enjoyable in that language?

When a need arises for something, your body is quick to act. This can be done by the words in which you speak or the body language associated with your thoughts in that language.

4. Compassion Changes With Language

Because most of what we do is linked to our words, so are our words linked to our thoughts. Not growing up with a particular language may enhance the probability that whenever speaking or thinking in your non-native tongue you may be prone to thinking more pragmatic and utilitarian.

According to a study by the University of Chicago and Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, people tend to take a more utilitarian approach to moral dilemmas when speaking in a different language.

The researchers showed the participants different Trolley dilemmas both in their native tongue and a foreign language. Overwhelmingly, the participants speaking in a foreign language chose a more utilitarian position than their native speaking  counterparts.

5. Grammar Changes Language

Even something as simple as not being able to express one thing because you have to express it another way in a different language can change your personality.

After so long of expressing words in a different light, the mind begins to think of the meanings and words in this light. Eventually, this could lead to an entirely new personality in a different language.

To check out the research on moral and Trolley dilemmas problem click here: https://fluencytranslation.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/language-and-moral-decisions/

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