7 Ways to Pass Time On a Plane

We’ve all been there.  Depending on the flight, you could be near or in an airplane for more than two days. Two days! Sure, many wish for the single destination flights, but that isn’t always a possibility, especially these. Having at least a second stop can drastically  lower the price of a flight from $2,000 to $1,000.

So, if you’re like me and love to save money (or maybe you get bored easily), here are a few tricks to maintain your sanity as you travel with or without company.

1. Read

Read something you haven’t read before. It’s amazing how much one person can get through a book if they never really take their eyes off it. In my experience, you shouldn’t bother with books that don’t really hold a lot of interest. Despite how many times you’ve tried to get through it, the plane won’t really help. In the end, you’ll get bored of the book and probably fall asleep in that horrible uncomfortable seated position.


2. Watch Movies

A lot of flights nowadays will give passengers unlimited, or cheap access to in-flight movies. Just like any streaming movie, it’s easy to pick browse the available movies and the playtime is instant.


3. Listen to Music or Podcasts

Not really into reading or watching movies? Or just have no interest at the moment? Try listening to something: a book, podcast, music. Listen to your heart’s content. Maybe you’ll stumble upon an interesting fact that may be helpful for that particular state or country in question you wish to travel to.

download (1)

4. Exercise/Stretching

Sounds a little impossible, right? Sitting for hours and hours on end isn’t healthy. In fact, the best thing you can do is stand every hour for 5-10 minutes to get adequate blood flowing.

Stretches may seem easier than exercises, and sure your options are limited, but it isn’t impossible.

Stretching ideas in chair:

-Half lotus


-Full lotus

download (2)

-simple cross-legged

download (3)

*Bend toward your legs to get an even nicer stretch.

Stretch your neck or rotate your shoulders clockwise (10x) and counter clockwise (10x) This will relieve stress or tension.

One good exercise to keep in mind is calf-raises. These can easily be done in a small bathroom stall, or beside your seat.

5. Exfoliate

Strange, I know. Don’t worry: anyone who sees you doing this may give you a puzzled look, but think of how great your face will feel after being exposed to over-used dry air?

Face masks take 10-20 minutes, if that and can be done when most other passengers are asleep (if this is an international flight).


6.  Write – blogs, letter, bucket lists, plans, etc.

These days, in-flight internet is made easily available (with a not so small) fee.  If you’re not bothered by the fee, you can take this time to write blogs, emails, etc.

If you are bothered by the fee, then never fear! You could write everything out, and save it to be put online later.

Or just hand-write things.

download (4)

7. Learn a Language –

Going to a country you don’t know the language, or only have a small grasp on it? Spend your time learning at least the most common used phrases and phrases used for an emergency. Make sure you’re not one of those who travel to a country and no nothing of the language.

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