Updates for Dock-Windows and Files!

Updates are a wonderful thing that can come in the darkest of times. A time when snow has or will come, and the clouds have darkened, Fluency brings you that bright little update star.5745860000_d7f89bd600_o

The docked resource windows in Fluency no longer remain active when closed. When these windows maintain active, it can slow down the translation process and drag an otherwise quick function down.

We’ve also fixed a bug which affected saving out to certain Word formats. Since being able to save your translation out to a desired format is one of the most important functions in Fluency, this has led to many annoyed and aggravated moments. But never fear! We’ve made sure that now your files will save when you need them to.

Whether minor bugs happen on their own accord or because of some other conflict, we try to maintain constant awareness and offer speedy fixes.

Remember: your feedback is very important to us! If something is not working, or acting strange, make sure to tell us to ensure the best Fluency performance we can give you.

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