Top 5 Things To Do as an Interpreter

Sure, there is a lot going on with translation, but here at Fluency we haven’t forgotten Interpreters! Interpreters are the glue that holds things together, and we wanted to make sure you knew it. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of our favorite things when starting out as an interpreter.050427-N-0357S-010

1. Stay Prepared

Even when times don’t call for preparedness. There’s something about always being on your toes. When an interpreter is needed, be it at work or on personal time, you can be sure whatever job comes your way is is yours.

2. Get Certified

This should always be high on any interpreter OR Translator’s “To Do” list. When certified, it’s easier for companies or individuals to hire you due to your new credentials. But you already knew this, didn’t you?

3. Help a Patient Cope

This is something to consider, when becoming a Medical Interpreter. In a medical interpretation words and phrases must be handled delicately. The patient could be dealing with a progressive disease or something simple that will have them out of the hospital in no time. Regardless of the situation, an interpreter needs to know when and how to speak.

4. Training With Children

Children can be hard in a native language or not, but once you’ve established your training with children, not only will more job opportunities prosper, but knowing how children work can better help you understand how an adult client works.

5. It’s Not About You

Remember: Whatever is said in the interpretation isn’t about what you want or need. This is about the interpretation and the person being interpreted. Whatever happens in the interpretation, must happen. Vulgar words or views opposite from yours should not be altered unless it is impossible not to alter them for a coherent meaning.



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