5 Words that have changed meaning

Language evolves, just like our bodies or minds. It’s because of the changing language that so many languages are disappearing. It’s because of evolution that so many words are dying out and so many more are added in.d

What of words from a different time that have a different meaning? Some words are so different than what they used to mean that they are hardly recognizable. Can you guess which words?
Below is a list of words from very common to not well known. Just for fun: try to recognize the older meaning of the world without looking at the answer. See what you come up with.
1. Bachelor 
Today: A single man or is the four year degree that can be obtained from a university.
In the Past: A bachelor meant a young knight.
2. Flirt
Today: Means to play a person’s emotions with words or actions, usually to see if the match is a compatible fit.
In the Past: 500 years ago, flirt meant the flick of an open fan.
3. Fantastic
Today: Means something incredible
In the Past: Existing only in the imagination.
4. Heartburn
Today: Indigestion, as a burning sensation in the chest.
In the Past: Jealousy or hatred.
5. Charisma
Today: One who is good in social situations by using charm
In the Past: A divine gift
These are just a few of many examples of how language and evolution are so intertwined. What words will be next?




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