Apples and Oranges

You may have a few languages under your belt, but here’s a list of a some idioms for a language or two you don’t know. After reading this, maybe you won’t feel so lost when traveling to different countries!shutterstock_128566037

  1. Hindi

मुँह मीठा करना (Muh mitha karna)– to share happiness

मुँह में पानी आना (muh mein pani aana)– to feel very tempted by something or someone

  1. Spanish

Ser pan comido — Something is very easy to do

Literally means: to be bread eaten.

Estar como una cabra — Somebody does something strange or out of the ordinary.

Literally means: To be like a goat

  1. Chinese

脚踏实地 (jiǎo tà shí dì) — Work hard, focus and proceed steadily

Literally means: to step on solid ground

见钟情(yí jiàn zhōng qíng) — Love at first sight

  1. English

Burn the midnight oil – To work late through the night

To hear something straight from a horse’s mouth — To hear something from an authoritative source

  1. French

Se faire poser un lapin — to be stood up

Literally means: Given a rabbit

Ne pas attacher son chien avec des saucisses — to be cheap

Literally means: Don’t tie your dog with a sausage line


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