Maybe Not All Languages Will Be Forgotten

In a recent post, I went over the dire need for language revival. Many languages are in critical danger, some only with only one living speaker. Even the idea of the want of preservation for particular languages were lost. Luckily, there is still some hope. At least, for the languages that want to survive.

One such language, comes from the Wukchumni Native American tribe. Only one known living member is totally fluent in the language.

Maria Wilcox, the surviving member, has taken it upon herself to create a dictionary for the Wukchumni language.  Wilcox has spent hours over a computer for the past seven years to preserve her language.

Another language also once thought hopelessly lost is the Catalan language. A historic language that has seen a spike in growth with one of every four people in the Kingdom of Spain.

Languages may be losing steam over the more popular and glamorized languages, but the steam hasn’t quit. There still may be hope for the languages of the world after all!





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