App For The Deaf?


Looking for an app for the hearing impaired, but have no time shuffling through all the readily available apps? Then Transcense is for you.

According from Transcense’s page on indiegogo, “Transcense is the first mobile app that makes group conversation between deaf and hard-of-hearing people and their hearing peers, finally possible and effortless.” 

How does it work exactly?

Transcense takes real time conversations and translates them so that deaf and the hard of hearing can participate in meetings, casual conversations, etc.

Through indiegogo, the minds behind Transcense now have the means to create the app for the iOS and Andriod. The app will be made available in 2015 with an early bird special for the iOS in April of 2015.

Transcense plans to make the app available through the web from indiegogo. The current plans to make this possible will be around $75,000.

Their original Indigogo goal was to raise just $25,000 to cover the costs of developing a mobile app version of their software. With just days left, they’ve already raised almost $40,000, crushing their initial goal. Since so many people have shown interest in their product, they’ve stated that they’d like to develop a web version also, which will require around $75,000.


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