5 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Translation Software

Want a few more reasons why to get a translation? Maybe you have that stubborn friend who refuses to try translation software out.

Here are five reasons why buying translation software is the best first step a translator can make.

1. Saves Time
A translation software are designed to save time and money. The purpose is for the software to pull in the text in the source language, and quickly spew out the text in the target language. The downside of this is that it is not a perfect match up. This is where translators come in and clean up the job. Mainly, the software tools are used for repetitive language that many translators might find tiresome.

2. Accuracy
The purpose of a translation company is to get rid of repetitive language, but what if the fixing of repetitive language instead made matters worse? This is the case in free translation software. Ensuring your translation software is from a reputable company ensures ease and accuracy to any translation.

3. Community 
After engaging deeply in your translation software, a whole new world opens. From translation companies having small communities through their business to engaging in the same large communities as big translation companies.

4. TM or Terminology Lookup
This can be done automatically or manually. This ensures what happens during the translation process can easily be found again and used. Easily get this done by either highlighting the text or going to the menu.

5. Reusing Previous Translations
Translations with the same sentences or paragraphs can be used in order to speed up the translation process even more than may have been previously thought. In a translation software, such as Fluency, previously translations are saved, and can easily be reused through the menu and highlighting. To understand more of how this process works, make sure to look at the tutorials in previous blog posts or videos on our website: http://www.westernstandard.com/ The video tutorials are in the support menu button.


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