Free Translation Software vs. Paid Translation Software

What’s the point in buying translation software if there’s already so many for free? From Google to Bablyon, is there really a point to buying software?

For starters, free translation software isn’t meant for large texts. The text box on the free translation sites are smaller.

To get the most out of the free translation, smaller sentences and paragraphs should only be used. The difference between this and paid translation? Paid translations are meant for a larger body of texts.

Paid translation is user friendly, and when it comes to inquires concerning the software or the company, paid translation software companies are much easier to reach than their counterparts.

Here’s a list below on why to buy for paid translation software.

  • Bigger Dictionaries
  • User-Friendly
  • No Adds
  • More Accurate
  • More Features, such as DragonNaturally Speaking
  • More Language Choices
  • Can Train Software For Better Accuracy
Obviously, everyone has a preference on what can or won’t work with translation software. Paid translation gives you the options you need in order to pave way for a better translation lifestyle. Give yourself that better lifestyle, see if paid translation is right for you.

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