New Tattoo Translation App

Ever wanted to get a tattoo in a different language, but were afraid of the repercussions? Repercussions such as a word or phrase that means something that wasn’t your original intention? Sometimes the only difference between one meaning and another is the simple change of movement.

Having the tattoo look so identical, the one receiving the tattoo may not even notice. Set aside these fears as there’s a new tattoo app called Waygo. Simply point your phone’s camera at the tattoo, take a “picture” with the app and ensure the tattoo being given is what is truly desired.
The best part? Unlike most apps where they must be online to work, this app works easily offline. Being in a different country can make it near impossible to get online. Waygo ensures that even if the tattoo is done during a trip, it will still be done right. Waygo can’t read text vertical, so if this is the case with your tattoo, just do each character one by one. Sometimes, the app reader is unable to read a highly stylized text. If you have no friends able to read the text, then switch Waygo online and post the picture on Waygo’s Facebook wall. This way fellow Waygo-ers can decipher the text and quickly get back to you. For more information, check out their Facebook here:

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