Cheat Sheet on Google’s Search Engine

Let’s face it, we’ve all at one time or another needed a little guidance through Google’s search engine. First, you may ask a question. Maybe the question is answered, maybe not. In reality, there is a list of cheats to make Google search engine easier, cutting down on more than half of the results you find.

To find an exact phrase, say for a song, make sure it’s closed in by quotation marks. An example of this: “Your Song” 

Any mathematical problems can be found by searching calculator, or simply writing the problem in the search engine.
+  for addition 
  for subtraction
*  for multiplication
/   for division
% of   for a percentage 
^     raise to the power of a particular number. 
old in new  to find a conversion, for example: USD in EUROs

sit:country code    to restrict search to country. or or, etc specific domain search. 
inurl     restrict search to page URLs. Example:
info:     to get information about a URL. Example: 
site:  this will search for only one website.

To search for a number range use two periods. An example of this: $10..$40

Most punctuation is ignored, unless it has something to do with the examples shown. Below are more examples of specific uses for punctuation in search engines.

–    will remove a word, but if you have it connected with other words than it will be strongly emphasized. Examples: My dog -fat will remove the word fat. 15-year-old son will strongly emphasize the words connected. 

_  when having this connect two words than it will search for specific links that have this. Example: fluency_translation

# will find popular hashtags with whatever word you pair the # with.

$ and then a price to find prices 

@ and then a word to find social tags

Sometimes the best ways to find the perfect ways to search is by experimenting. Take the information I’ve given you here, and have fun with it!

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