How To: Get More Clients

Having trouble getting clients? Try these tips!





*1. Advertising*
Starting any business requires advertising. Without advertising how will
anyone know who you are? Clients like to know who they’re dealing with, and
advertising gives them this opportunity. Make sure the advertisements are
short and to the point.

*2. Networking*
Social Media: Like social media? Networking through these sites is another
way to get your name out and engage with clients more personally.

Connecting In Person: Following social media, engaging in one-on-onecontact with a client allows them to listen more intently to what you have to say.
Having trouble with a certain client? Connecting in person is a great way to have them listen and understand *fully* of what you have to offer.







*3. Register With Multiple Translation Companies, such as Proz*
Translation companies can be very valuable, if you play your cards right.
These companies help get your name out, and give you opportunities to meet
clients that you may never have met before.

*4. Start A Referral Program*
For any client, offer a discount or free translation when starting with you
or your company. Clients rely heavily on word of mouth, and this helps
establish a client base.

*5. Make Yourself Valuable To Clients*
There are all sorts of companies and opportunities for clients to get ahead
with what they need, so what makes you so special? Market yourself as a necessity and get remembered with an impressive logo, or by offering
special opportunities.


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