How To: Relax After Work

Ever Feel Like It’s Impossible To Relax After Work?

Follow a Few Easy Steps To Fix That: 

1. Put Your Feet Up

There should be an immediate improvement by this. Putting your feet up lets the blood drain, and your legs relax from the constant weight they sustain. Too much weight on your feet can lead to various health problems, including varicose veins. 

2. Yoga Pose With Meditation — This Is Best With Soft Music

One of the best ways to relax is to collect all those thoughts from your day and tuck them away. Shift your focus on a pose that combines both yoga and meditation. Several include: downward dog, corpse pose, full or half lotus pose, or child’s pose which is shown below. 

Combine these poses into a sort of mini sequence. This mini sequence will focus on flexibility and meditation. Try to hold each pose for 3 minutes, or longer. Found a pose you really like? See how long you can stay in it.  


3. Ignore Your Phone

This is important and should be carried out for at least an hour, if not longer. Phones are constant gateways to not only stress, but work or other responsibilities that you need to relax away from. It’s healthy to not always rely on our phones, and this is the first step you can take from shedding stress. 


4. Journal It!

Sometimes, the best thing a person can do is write out everything that happened in the day. What’s stopping you? Expressing your thoughts in an unbiased environment is relaxing, if not healthy for your mind. One study even suggests that writing is imperitive for a healthier, longer life. 

Check the article out here:

5. Cocooning

Cocooning can me all sorts of things, but in this instant it’ll be used for targeting some of the pressure points on your face. Take both palms to the sides of your face. Have your little fingers press gently on your closed eyelids, index fingers on your ears, and have your thumbs cradling your jaw. This is a sort of meditation, which should be done with a calm mind. You’ll notice how easily you’ll unwind from this. 


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