How To: Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking

First off, what is Dragon NaturallySpeaking? Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognition software made for Windows and is currently handled by Nuance Communications.

Have a Mac? Then use DragonDictate, a speech recognition software designed primarily for Mac OS computers.

Having troubles with the software itself? Check out some of these questions here:

1. Are You Using The Wrong Browser?
Do you enjoy using Chrome or Firefox? If so, fantastic. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has given both Chrome and Firefox full text control. Dragon NaturallySpeaking also works with Internet Explorer, in most sites. To have access to Dragon, you must download one of these sites.

2. Having Trouble With Using Certain Commands?
Each internet browser comes with its own set up and sets of commands. Make sure you’re using the right commands in the right browser by checking out nuance’s website:
3. Do You Have The Right Microphone?
Microphones and audio devices need to be Nuance-approved. Check out their compatibility website here: NaturallySpeaking makes it so that all commands are with your voice, so remember to use your voice to obtain better speech recognition!
According to Nuance, Dragon interprets what it hears as either dictation (something to write on the screen) or a command (something to execute).

4. Don’t Know How To Bold?
To bold something in a sentence, record the sentence as normal. For example say your sentence was: I want to drink water. Say “want” is what you need bolded. Once the sentence is complete, pause and say: “Select want” pause again and then say: “bold that.”
*Pause only briefly.

5. Need To Use Numbers?•       
To have something like: 25% then say: “25 percent sign.”

•To have something like: $33.54 then say: “Thirty-three dollars and fifty-four cents.”
6. Need To Capitalize?
This is easier than you think. Dragon NaturallySpeaking should always capitalize when a sentence is complete. It will also capitalize words that it believes are proper nouns, or words that you have taught it to capitalize.
To capitalize the first letter of a word say: “Cap” then immediately say the word that is intended. This is one of those times where a pause is not needed.
For all letters to be capitalized, say: “All Caps on.” Speak the words needed and then to end caps-lock say: “All Caps off.”
*There must be a pause to have it recognize the end of a sentence.

7. Question Not Answered?
If I haven’t covered your particularly burning question then go to:
At the bottom you will find a number of different support options. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is compatible with Fluency and is available in the following languages:

DragonNaturally Speaking is intellectual property of the Nuance company.

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