How to: Find More Time In The Day

Ever feel like you’re never given enough time in the day? In today’s world, more and more humans are trying to get tasks done, but why has it become so difficult? In reality, we are doing more. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it because of the ten other things that you want done aren’t done, but it is true.So, is there a way to get everything done, despite how much we may already be getting done?

The answer is yes, just follow the steps below to engage it a more successful lifestyle.

1. Pick out what is most important

Sure, maybe this can be a little tricky because everything on your list is important, but set aside what must be done compared to what should be done.

2. Cut out Meetings
Sometimes this just isn’t possible, but take a step back. Are there a few morning meetings that could be shifted around, or taken out entirely? In all probability, there is. Even taking one out frees up loads of time for work or down time.

3. Make use of your time
Ever find yourself waiting in line? Riding public transit? Driving your car? What if you spent the time you do waiting by reading a book, or listening to one? This time can easily take up 2-5 hours of your day. Think of how many books or newspapers could be read! Don’t forget, smartphones and tablets are easy sources to pull out news articles or books.

4. Re-think your routine
Sometimes we get comfortable. As humans, we tend to form habits on things that are good, as well as things that aren’t so good for time or health. Why not switch it up? Change that Facebook time to time for meditation. To really get benefits you want to commit at least 8-10 minutes each day to meditation. How long is a Facebook session? 10-20 minutes? Easy meditation time. Plus, with a clearer mind it’ll be easier to fix up that routine of yours.

5. Learn to say “no!”How many times have you found yourself in a situation that you would rather not be a part of just because you didn’t say no? It’s happened to the best of us. By being able to say no, you’ll free up time for your family or that exercise you’ve been meaning to do. When you decline a request, the person you’re saying no to will understand. If they don’t, why are they in your life anyway? To accept a no shows character. No one should be afraid to decline a social engagement just because they feel bad. Obviously, it’s never good to consistently say no, but occasionally it’s a necessity for your health and happiness. The only way your work will be at its best is if you can be fully rested and willing to work.

If reworking your schedule seems an impossible request, then try making a goal that at least one hour each day will be made for you and you only. Whatever you want to do should be during this time. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel by just taking time for yourself.

Remember! Life is yours live, not anyone else’s! Be happy and above all, don’t forget that you deserve to give yourself some respect with some down time



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