Ethnic Newspapers in New York

In New York, the amount of foreign-born citizens has been on the rise since 1910. For this reason, many newspapers have abandoned English as their primary language, in favor of other prevalent languages.

With a combined circulation of over 2.9 million, 95 ethnic newspapers have seen their subscriptions increase dramatically in just the past few years.

One major problem that stem from having so many different publications in various languages deal with advertisers. With certain newspapers targeting certain people, advertisers may resist because of the fear for buying power for illegal immigrants. To be fair, though, this hasn’t really stopped many advertisers from working with them.

Certain newspapers are even considered pristine. One, a French newspaper titled France-Amérique, was referred to as “rather highbrow” by the Manhattan editor.

One Chinese newspaper, with a headquarters in Whitestone, Queens, takes the cake by how circulated it is in North America. According to New York Magazine, the circulation is about 81,000.

The Chinese paper has “Americanized” its magazine by writing its characters in the American left to right format rather than the traditional Chinese one.
There’s no telling what other newspapers in other languages will do. The best part? Translators are always needed for these organizations as the ethnic newspaper industry continues to expand much more quickly than North America’s native newspaper industry.

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