Language Bringing Cultures Together

In July, 2013, the North Carolina State University library displayed a mural of what one man perceives as an interpretation of language. download (5)

The mural is made up of words and letters in all sorts of languages. With a red backdrop and white lettering, you may not notice the words upon first glance, but this is the artist’s intention.

“The architecture of this building is flat.” José Parlá, the artist of the mural, said. “It needed something to pull you in.”

North Carolina State University is filled with all sorts of art pieces and designs. However, José Parlá’s, piece really does the trick. It’s with the integration of language that brings cultures together.

The languages upon the mural come from every culture, every language. Cultures that despise each other are pushed together to make a beautiful piece of art.

In many ways, this mural is what world peace may look like when we have it. For now, what we have are our words and the ability to interlace and connect them, as José Parlá has.

Follow the website below to check out the video of the mural and what José Parlá has to say about it. images (2)


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