Internet. Is it Ruining Language?

Language has a certain special-ness about it, doesn’t it? For centuries language has molded and grown into what we know of today, but what do we know today? There are several different aspects of language: formal, casual and internet.
Internet has changed language, but language changes with any medium. The change with internet language has led many to believe that this is the start of language

Isn’t this so called language degradation just more evidence of evolving language? Language, like any other part of today’s world is made to be as efficient as possible.

Take Twitter, for example, with only a max. of 140 words per post, users are forced to condense words. The words have to have well meaning. Why not create words then or cut things down to simplify everyone’s experience?
All language ever does is evolve and change for the user’s needs. If others are out there that believe language is slowly being destroyed, they just have to remember that languages, such as English, were created from an illiterate society.
English is doing just fine! There’s a few quirks here and there, but doesn’t every language?
So embrace the change and change words for yourself! Words should be fun, creative. Don’t be afraid of what can and what will be.

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