Trouble with Troubleshooting?

Here’s a great tutorial for all those silly problems not worth calling up about. Sometimes in the Target Preview the document will be corrupted. Sometimes words will go missing or the font will change. This isn’t anything to worry about. Instead, push the “Refresh Preview” button right above the Target Preview window. This will refresh the document and revert it back to the way it is meant to be seen. Also, both the Terminology and Translation Memory windows have their own refresh buttons, which will re-populate the results for your current segment. 
Another great annoyance is when the document simply won’t save in a word document file! This doesn’t happen often, but if it does, it’s better to be prepared rather than feeling stuck. 

There are two different ways to work around this problem:


1. Save the document as an RTF, then open it in Word and save it out in Word format. Since the RTF format was created by Microsoft and was a sort of precursor to Word formats, there won’t be any problem opening the RTF file in Word.

2. Click in the Target Preview window to activate it, press Ctrl + A to select all text in the window, then press Ctrl + C to copy it. Now paste the copied text into Word using Ctrl + V, then you can easily save it as a Word Document file.
If you ever notice that Translation Memories aren’t saving, open Translation Memories > Translation Memory Preferences > Save translations as I translate. This will ensure that your translations are saved to your TM database immediately after submitting the translation.
If this option isn’t checked, Fluency won’t be able to automatically save your translations. The last thing I’ll mention is the unexpected event that you are unable to save your document because of a power outage or something of the sort.
Not to fear!
Most of what you worked on, if not all, can be recovered. First, open Fluency and it may offer you the option of automatically recovering the file you were working on when Fluency unexpectedly closed.
If you aren’t presented with this option, then use File > Open > Source File to open your original document, as if you were going to start over again. When you see the window that asks you to assign your languages, locales, etc, use the option to Translate Using TM Matches. Set the percentage drop-down menu to 100 and Fluency will use your previous translations to get you right back to where you left off.
If you’re document is causing you any other problems not listed, save your translation progress, using File > Save Translation Progress, then send the FTFX file to us at


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