There’s a Google Translate Blog?

Did you know that Google has a blog dedicated to Google Translate?
In a recent post this month on the Google Translate Blog it was announced that a Google online community had been created. The online community is meant for translators and interpreters, if they so choose, by volunteering to refine the Google Translate Services.
Free Translation Software has become somewhat of a joke for anyone who needs something translated, but with an active step in improving the software Google’s Translating Services could have no limit.
The volunteers will add their language knowledge in the online community by creating new translations for words and phrases, any existing translations can be corrected, and the volunteers can rate the existing translations for accuracy. Google Translate was launched in 2006, offering translations between Arabic and English, according to Google.
By giving volunteers the opportunity to offer their two cents, Google gains the knowledge and experience of seasoned translators around the world. This will not only help improve the quality of the 80 current languages offered, but also provide Google the opportunity to expand its offerings to many other languages in the future.
The volunteer’s input will be used in the latest version of Google Translate, which includes more language support for the built-in handwriting feature, giving users the ability to write words directly into Hebrew, Javanese and Esperanto on their devices for quick, easy access.
According to, Google also has added a Camera Translation feature, which allows the user to simply snap a photo of written text with their android device and highlight the words that need to be translated. Source:

3 thoughts on “There’s a Google Translate Blog?”

  1. We completely agree, Hardik.

    Machine translation can be useful as a translation aid, which is why we offer MT options within Fluency, but it almost always contains grammatical error because, well, it's not human.

    What's cool about this news is that Google is attempting to incorporate the knowledge and experience of seasoned translators to increase the reliability of their machine translation engine.

    We know that machine translation will never be perfect, but the better it gets, the more help it will be to translators around the world.


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