Service Pack 8

As many of you may have already heard from our Facebook page, Fluency Service Pack 8 went live on July 9, 2014. 

Sometimes we can’t find bugs without your help, so thank you. We’ve fixed several, and hope it has simplified your experience.

One major improvement was how Fluency handles PowerPoint presentation files. Fluency no longer requires Microsoft PowerPoint to be installed in order to be able to translate PPT/PPTX files. The new version makes translating and saving PowerPoint files a breeze. 

Word and InDesign have also been positively affected by this update, making both more seamless and efficient.

Service Pack 8 has also added an option for Fluency to better handle large or complex .docx files. This allows you to import larger, complex files in a text-only mode, eliminating some of the excessive memory usage that comes with tables, images, etc.

Service Pack 8 is a cumulative Service pack, meaning it contains both old and new updates. We do this so all of your needs are met without the hassle of bugs or mild annoyances. 

It’s important to note that if you have Fluency set to automatically check for updates, then you probably are already enjoying this new version of Fluency. You can check to make sure you are running the current version by opening the Help menu and clicking on About Fluency. If you see version 3.8.x.xxxx, then you’re running version 8 or newer. If not, please click on Help > Check for Fluency Updates in order to update your copy to the latest and greatest.

To help us maintain the utmost quality in our software, please keep us up-to-date with any bugs you encounter or concerns you may have. 



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