Stress Free Fluency Backup

As you know, we here at Fluency are a little crazy, 40 gigs of backup crazy! We offer 40 gigs of storage for all audio(music), visual(videos), and text files(documents) for our Fluency Club members.

For those of you not familiar with The Fluency Club Program, we offer our backup cloud and a bonus of personal tech support and trainings, and upgrades whenever we get them! Plus, being part of the Fluency Club Program keeps you secure.


To ensure your privacy while working with Fluency and our Fluency backup system, we use state of the art encryption technology to protect your files from hardware malfunction, data loss and even prying eyes.


The backup system is organized so that you can easily breeze through the interface like you would any other Fluency program. This makes selecting files for upload, download or deletion a snap.


With the 40 gigs we’re offering you could basically get rid of all other cloud storage devices and just use ours, if you wanted to. That’s how big it is!


All of these features are included with Fluency Club for less than the price of a meal.
The price per month is: $8.25 for Freelancers and $10 for professionals.

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