Work While You Travel!

Traveling around the world is a goal shared by many, but how do you make that dream come true with a job that demands so much of your time? The ideal way would be to discover a job that requires you to travel for work. The ability to enjoy your work while traveling can be a very real possibility. Many of you already have the skill set required to travel and translate/interpret, so why not take it one step further?

Tegan Cathleen Raleigh, a writer for, has this to say on the subject, “Self-employed translators are their own bosses. They can work anywhere in the world…Clients from across the globe with all different kinds of materials–need translators.”

(Full article by Tegan Cathleen Raleigh)

As Raleigh writes, people need translators, but there are many things to consider when traveling and working. The following site offers some great ideas for doing just that.

Ten Pros and Cons of Working in Travel

I don’t want to touch too deeply on the subject, but I do want to point out a couple of important things when considering traveling for work:

1. Less structure. Not working at a desk or in your home makes a difference with your work, be it good or bad.

2. The time-zone difference. As with anything, there is careful planning that needs to be taken into account for the lost or gained time between clients and translator/interpreters.

Benny Lewis, one who is termed a polyglot, takes time in his website to talk about time-zone differences. One of the worst places to live, he found, was California when working with clients in Europe. The time zone difference, depending on the region is about a 7 or 8 hour leap backward from Europe in California.


Sure, lack of structure and time zones can be an issue, but there’s plenty to enjoy while traveling for you work.

Imagine standing next to a client, interpreting for them in a foreign country where the language itself originated. It’s almost like learning a language all over again. This language that you’ve grown so fond of will begin to engrave itself deeper within you by completely immersing yourself in the native culture.

Sounds pretty magical right? That’s traveling while working for you.

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